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Mimosa Inc pool floats

Welcome to Mimosa Inc, a lifestyle brand for the young & reckless at heart, who make everything they do a fun celebration. At Mimosa Inc, we’ve combined the very best of weekend excursions, trips to paradise, island vacations, resort getaways and pool party weekends, in order to package them up into our orange pool box just for you.

Premium inflatable pool floats, round beach towels, pool float accessories, and pool party accessories is what we do. With Mimosa Inc products, lounging is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle surrounded by florescent pink jumbo inflatable flamingos and patterns from party destinations around the world. We don’t just lay in a pool; we float atop magical inflatable creatures that bring the pool to life. We don’t sit in the park or on the beach, we bring the Greek Keys from Mykonos on our luxurious round towels, so everyone around us can feel like they’re at Super Paradise beach. We’re experts in lounging and the Mimosa product line will quickly show you this.

Our pool floats and round beach towels are made of the highest quality materials and designed with your next party in mind. With Mimosa Inc products, you bring the fun!

Mimosa Inc Luxury Pool Floats Inflatable Unicorn and Peacock Floaty Floaties

This is what we're listening to now. Check out The Float List, our collection of float worthy music to match your float mentality.