Anchors Away Round Tube Pool Float


Anchors Away pattern round tube pool float by Mimosa Inc. Nothing screams yacht party like beautifully crafted anchors designed on the highest quality round tube pool float. Lounge in or out of the water while enjoying the nautical vibes that this Mimosa Inc anchor pattern round tube pool float has to offer. This round tube pool float is 4ft in diameter with a large circle in the middle. This design allows it's user to comfortably float in many different positions, creating endless fun. The anchors away round tube pool float is made of long lasting material that will withstand the elements, ocean water, or pool water. The anchors away pattern round tube pool float is perfect for the pool, the lake, a river, or the ocean. Bring the nautical vibe to anything you do with the must-have accessory of the year, the pool float. Get your Mimosa anchors away round tube pool float today. We strongly recommend purchasing the Deluxe Pool Float Pump to accompany all Mimosa Inc pool floats.

Copyright Design: The design and patterns of the Anchors Away round tube pool float are owned by Mimosa Inc. and fully protected.

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