What Color Swan Is Right For You?

December 16, 2016

What Color Swan Is Right For You?

A common issue that arises when our customers come to the Mimosa Inc website. This issue is, what color inflatable swan is right for me? Below is a description of what swan you should purchase based on your personality type.

Billionaire Swan Pool Float

Giant Inflatable Swan

Flashy, flashy, flashy!! If you want everyone to turn their heads when you float by, you need to be floating on the Billionaire swan pool float. The billionaire swan makes everyone around know that you are important.

Gold Swan Pool Float

Gold Swan Pool Float

Are you the center of attention, often found regaling the group and organizing social events? Then the gold swan is the pool float for you.The gold swan will make you feel confident in social situations and will match whatever trendy swimwear you choose to wear.


Silver Swan Pool Float

Swan Pool Float

Soft spoken with a while side, the free spirit. If this describes you, the silver swan pool float is for you. This float is low-key with a wild side. It’s silver hue blends in with the water you float with, yet has a glimmer of sparkle and fun when the sun hits it.


White Swan Pool Float

Giant Inflatable White Swan

Quiet, dependable and rational. You need something that is a timeless classic pool float. The white swan pool float is a practical choice because it will never go out of style.

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