Pool Party Movie Night

May 11, 2017

Pool Party Movie Night

The hardest thing about planning a pool party movie night is finding a location with a pool. Once you have the location secured, everything else is easy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Projector, Screen and Speakers
  2. Fun Snacks
  3. Mimosa Giant Inflatable Pool Floats
  4. Mimosa Round Inflatable Pool Floats
  5. Mimosa Round Beach Towels

A pool party movie night is fun for all ages. It is the the perfect answer for those hot summer nights. Invite all your friends over and enjoy.

Our Mimosa giant inflatable pool floats and round pool floats make a pool party movie night so much fun! If it’s hot and you want to still be in the cool pool, our round inflatable pool floats are perfect. If the night breeze makes the pool a little too chilly, use our giant inflatable floats to lounge without touching the water. Their bright colors will make the ambiance and photos of your pool party movie night that much better.

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