Mimosa Inc. aims for Guinness World Record

August 24, 2018

Mimosa Inc. aims for Guinness World Record

Did you know? Mimosa Inc. inflatable pool floats are recently used to challenge one of the best achievements in the most distinguished records known to man, The Guinness Book of World Records.

What’s up?

Mimosa Inc. received an order from Lake of Waukomis Homeowner Association of Missouri to ship and deliver around 600 pieces of high quality round inflatable tube floats to Missouri. The association aims to use the inflatable tubes to beat the world record of "Longest line of water inflatable" recorded by the Guinness Book of World Record with Silas S.p.A having the record of 215.10 m (705 ft. 8.5 in) of water inflatable.

mimosa inc aims for guiness world record

An earlier preparation for the event

The event done at the Lake of Waukomis is a great success despite the high wind problem where the formation is difficult to keep up, but the problem was easily resolved with our round inflatable tubes and the teamwork of over 600 participants of the event. The Lake of Waukomis Homeowner Association has filed the achievement to the Guinness Book of World Records and is now under review, the last results would be announced by the end of the year.

mimosa giant inflatable pool float

The final result of the event (600 inflatable tubes connected)

What’s the significance?

The Guinness Book of World Record is the keeper of the most amazing achievements done in the world. Being in the Guinness only means one thing “We are the best in the record” and of course, being the best is one of the greatest achievement anyone could ever make. And with that we can say:

A great achievement comes with outstanding tools, wouldn’t you agree? And the tools for this event are none other than our high quality inflatable pool floats. With our inflatable tubes, Lake of Waukomis Homeowner Association can possibly break the record. Our excellent services include: high quality inflatable tube where not a single one suffered any deflation problem and first-rate shipping and delivery service where we provided over 600 round inflatable tube on such short notice.

May it be for an activity at the beach, a pool party or breaking a world record, Mimosa inflatable pool floats can give the fun that you need.

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