Giant Inflatable Lounge Chairs

December 29, 2016

Giant Inflatable Lounge Chairs

Mimosa, Inc’s Giant Inflatable Pool Floats can be used both on land and in sea. Sick of laying on the lumpy sand at the beach? Wish you could lounge in comfort on a bed off the sand? Well now you can!

Mimosa’s Inflatable Pool Floats are very fun when lounging in the pool, but the beautiful hot pink inflatable flamingo pool float can also be used to make your lounging experience outside of the water more comfortable. Our Giant Inflatable Swans can be used instead of a lounge chair even. You can find a headrest in many spots on our inflatable pool floats. For example, the inflatable Narwhal’s head or tail can be used to rest your head. The same can be said for our giant inflatable peacock, whose head or feathers can be used as a headrest when lounging.

Mimosa’s inflatable pool floats have endless uses. Don’t go to the pool or beach without your pool float or round beach towel.

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