Can You Have Too Many Inflatable Pool Floats?

June 01, 2016

Can You Have Too Many Inflatable Pool Floats?

As the preeminent purveyors of luxury pool floats, Mimosa Inc firmly states, "No, one can never have too many pool floats.  End of conversation". However, lets talk a little more about this question. Pool floats can be like flowers and their arrangement in order to maximize beauty is very similar to floristry or professional flower arrangement.  See our basic rules for arranging pool floats to maximize beauty and elegance. 

If you want to fill your pool with pool floats, here are our suggestions:

1. Choose all the same model pool floats.  A pool full of 5-10 Mimosa Inc golden swan pool floats looks amazing. Mainly because of the uniformity of the colors, shapes, and sizes of the floats.  Solid color pool floats look the best when one model float is being added in bulk to a swim pool (Rather than multi-color floats). 

2.  Make sure the location of your where Mimosa Inc Pool floats is balanced and that the layout is properly balanced.  Leave some room for the background or water to show. 

3.  Be sure to add some texture or other small items to the arrangement. 

Now go create some amazing and beautiful pool float scenes and email ( or tag us (@mimosainc) in your pictures!

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