Basic Rules of Beautifully Arranging Giant Inflatable Pool Floats

October 28, 2016

Basic Rules of Beautifully Arranging Giant Inflatable Pool Floats

There are basic rules that everyone should follow when arranging inflatable pool floats to style their pool party.

Mimosa Inc's Basic Rules of Pool Float Arrangement:

  • Proportion
  • Color
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm


The rule of threes, just like in flower arranging design, also applies to styling pool parties. Based on these guidelines you always want to have an odd number of pool floats, starting at three. The number three is the smallest number that can be used to form a distinguishable pattern and it forces your eye to move around the pool float arrangement, making the visual experience more interesting.

Mimosa Inc Swimming Pool Float Arrangement



The choice of pool floats based on color should be chosen for the occasion and surrounding. Certain colors complement each other. Metallics, such as the Gold swan pool float or Silver Swan pool float, work well with a pop of color. Intricate designs such as the American Flag Bald Eagle pool float work perfectly with something simple like the White Swan.

Swimming Pool Float Colors by Mimosa Inc



The pool floats you choose to float together in a pool should all look as if they belong together. Exotic and bright birds should be grouped together. Sea animals should be grouped together. And themed floats such as the American Flag Bald Eagle, should be grouped with other floats that fit the theme such as Mimosa’s floating American flag and American flag tube (coming soon).

Swimming Pool Float Harmony



Your pool float grouping should attract the eye of those attending your pool party. The design of the giant pool floats should slow so it appears natural. Aim to create depth by placing the smaller floats around the edge of the pool, and the larger swimming pool floats in the center of the pool. The inflatable floats will continue to move around the pool, but if you place them in a certain order to start, the rhythm of the floats and your design will blend better.

Best Swimming Pool Floats Mimosa

Enjoy your pool party!!

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